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Andamaina Abaddam telugu MovieAndamaina Abaddam Telugu Movie Cast

Actor: Raja, Nagababu
Actress: Kamna
Director:Raviraja Pinisetty

Music Director: M M Sreelekha
Producer: Keshavaraju.M
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Andamaina Abaddam Movie Plot:
The theme of lovers resolving to gain the support of their respective families before entering into matrimony is contemporary and relevant. Such a topical theme in the hands of a seasoned director Ravi Raja deserved better treatment. But the director prefers to tread the beaten track by showcasing the girl's father (Nagababu) as the villain of the piece. Actors Raja and Kamna may have pinned big hopes on this family entertainer but the familiar plot and predictable narration could crash their dreams. The film offers nothing beyond a couple of touching moments and wit in patches. Music director Srilekha should have belted out more catchy numbers. The film begins by showing the bonhomie between Raja and Kamna in Bangkok. Naresh watches Kamna and Raja together, and informs Kamna's strict father (Nagababu). However, Raja pacifies her and promises to solemnize their love with the support of the respective families. Naresh sends a mail to Nagababu with the photo of Raja but Raja hacks that mail and replaces his photo with his friend's (Ali). Predictably, Nagababu hires goons to bash up Ali. However, both the lovers return to India and gradually Raja befriends Kamna's family without disclosing his identity. Nagababu goes to the extent of getting Kamna married to Raja but all hell breaks loose, when he comes to know of the truth. Watch the movie, to know how the rest of the drama unfolds.

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