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Yamaho Yama telugu MovieYamaho Yama Telugu Movie Cast

Actor: Sairam Shankar, Srihari, Ali, M.S.Narayana, Tagubothu Ramesh
Actress: Parvati Melton, Sanjjanaa, Kovai Sarala, Rama Prabha

Music Director: Mahathi
Producer:G.Vijay Kumar
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Yamaho Yama Movie Plot:
Balu (Sai Ram Shankar) is a young lad who is fated to die at the age of 25, as per his horoscope. In order to prevent this, his grandmother (Rama Prabha) makes him a devotee of Lord Yama (Srihari) in order to avert this. As Balu approaches the age of 25 years, Ram Prabha decides to send the young lad to USA. Balu roams around without any responsibilities and ends up as a good for nothing lad. In order to mend Balu’s ways, none other than Lord Yama enters the fray. He decides to travel to the USA and help out the kid. But even the great Yama fails to mend Balu and that is when he realises that Balu needs to fall in love to become a better person. He makes Balu fall in love with Swapna (Parvati Melton) and the rest of the movie is about how Balu becomes a better person.

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